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Distracted Driving

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I’ve been saying it for years. There is no difference between holding a cell phone and driving while talking or using hands free. Either way, you are concentrating on the conversation and not the road.

How many times have you been on the telephone while in the car and realized that you weren’t paying attention for the last few miles? I have done it, and now, I’m changing my habits.

I have started putting my phone down. I am doing my best not to use it while driving. It is difficult. It can be addictive. But, it can also be DEADLY!!

People are injured every day due to distracted driving. Do your part. STOP! If not for yourself or your family, do it out of respect for others on the roadway. Maybe this video will help you consider others when you feel the need to use your cell phone in the car. This is the story of Casey Feldman (No relation to anyone in our firm).