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Don't Text or Use a Cell Phone while riding a bicycle

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This is a continuing blog in a series of blogs regarding annoying or dangerous cycling behavior. It really goes without saying, doesn’t it? – Don’t text or talk on a cell phone while cycling.

Its embarrassing to me to admit that I have done both. No excuse really, just replying to my wife or kids about mundane topics like where we are going to eat later etc. Obviously, while talking or texting you are distracted from what is going on in the road. Unlike a car, most of the time, it takes two hands to steer/control your bicycle and while talking or texting at least one hand is on the phone and not on the bike. It’s just plain stupid! Also, unlike a car, on a bike you are not protected by a ton of steel and plastic.

Given the fact that talking or texting while riding is so obviously dangerous, you wouldn’t think that people engage in this behavior; but they do. I have – and I vow not to to do so anymore.