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Drive when you Drive!

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Have you heard? People are texting while driving. Yes, really! They are talking about passing laws to prevent this, and Leonard Pitts, Jr. wrote a good editorial with a quote, "Common Sense Should End Texting and Driving." In other words, do we really need laws to make people stop this activity? Well, we need them for drinking and driving, so I guess so. Problem is, how do you enforce it?

Think about what you are doing when you are talking on the phone or dialing a number or texting. Your mind is taken off the road. You are no longer driving defensively which is what you are taught in drivers education in high school. In reality, you are driving recklessly. As Mr. Pitts points out in his article: Is that score that important? Could you wait to message a friend? Is the call urgent? Probably not.

10-15 years ago, we didn’t have as many cell phones in cars, and even when we did, we couldn’t e-mail and text and get on the internet from our phone. Did we survive? Could we wait for that message? Could we just use the phone when we got home? When did everything become so urgent in society? We have to have it now.

Next time you think about using the cell phone in your car, think about others. Is there a child in your car you are putting at risk? What about the other motorists on the roadway? It takes a split second for a vehicle to inflict irreparable damage. Just Think about it!!