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Google apps now include bicycle routes


Google has just announced that its apps now include bicycle routes. See this link for the full story. Apparently, the algorithm is designed to lead a cyclist to a designated trail or road with a bicycle lane in front of other roads. Any way you cut it though, this new app should help cyclists navigate cities and streets with which they are not familiar.

The app also includes information on elevation gain so cyclists can choose to avoid hilly routes or can look for hilly routes as the case may be.

Google announced that this app was one of the most requested. So, all things considered nothing but good news for cyclists.


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  1. John Zuvanich says:
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    My first two tries with Google’s bicycle routes were less than impressive. I live within half a mile of an excellent bicycle trail and chose destinations that are also close to the trail, yet Google’s routes were no different than the route a person would use if he/she were driving a car. In other words, Google chose busy two-lane streets without shoulders and presented these as bicycle routes. In my opinion, this app needs a lot of input from locals all over the US who know the bike routes, and a lot of work by Google to implement that information reliably.

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    I’m sure you are right; I haven’t tried the app out yet, only read the article. Still, I believe that as the product is refined and as user input increases, that this app will be a good tool for cyclists.