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March, 2015 Jury Verdicts

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The new Alabama Jury Verdict reporter is out.   The results:

15 Jury Verdicts

  • Auto Negligence
    5 Defense Verdicts
    1 $1,000.00 verdict
    1 $100,000.00 verdict reduced to $50,000.00 (uninsured motorist claim)
    1 $140,000.00 verdict
  • Medical Malpractice
    2 Defense Verdicts
  • Conversion (theft)
    1 $15,966.00 verdict
  • Restaurant Negligence
    1 $10,000.00 verdict
  • Invasion of Privacy
    1 Defense verdict
  • Insurance Contract
    1 Defense verdict
  • Truck (18-wheeler) Negligence/Wrongful Death
    1 $6,500,000.00 verdict

Takeaways:  On at least two of the auto negligence defense verdicts, the defense strategy was to minimize the damages/injuries, and it worked.  They didn’t argue as much on liability.  A $1,000.00 jury verdict is the same as a defense verdict.  Medical Malpractice is still very difficult to win as an injured party.  Insurance claims are almost impossible to win.

Think about these verdicts next time you think/hear our jury system is run amuck.