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Process of a Case – Sixth Update

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Well, I’m glad to report that after four months (a relatively short period), we have concluded the auto wreck claim we were handling to the satisfaction of our clients. The insurance company offered an paid a reasonable amount to settle the claim. The settlement paid off all of the medical liens, our fees and expenses, lost value on the car, and pain and suffering and inconvenience for our client.

We think this was a good result for all involved. Our clients can move forward and not have to contend with the stress of litigation. The defendant driver also does not have to endure that stress and inconvenience. The insurance company paid a reasonable amount to compensate our clients. So, we are proud to say that we believe the case ended on a good note.

On the auto fraud claim, we are proceeding with the litigation. Each party has employed their attorneys, and we are beginning the discovery process. This involves requesting documents from the defendants and vice versa as well as asking them to answer specific questions in writing. Once that process is done, we will most likely begin to set depositions where we sit down and ask the other party questions under oath. One of the parties has made overtures regarding settlement, but whether or not such a reasonable resolution can be reached remains to be seen. We will keep you posted.