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Texting and Driving

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Addition to Blog: A great attorney add showing effects of Distracted Driving:


This Fourth of July weekend, I happened to be watching TV, and the following commercial appeared:


Need I say more?

This summer, remember to put your phone down in the car. There are too many distractions as it is with the radio, air, children, whatever. Also, remember that it is not just you who could be injured or killed, but it is the other drivers on the roads. Have consideration for them if not for yourself and your passengers.

If you do want more information on accidents or if you happen to be in a wreck, you may visit our Iphone app here.

Here are a couple more videos regarding texting and driving. One is Todd Clement, an attorney in Dallas, TX, and the other is a little ditty about texting and driving. Hope you enjoy that one.

Here’s the Todd Clement Video:


Here is the little ditty (Not Jack and Diane):