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Jon Lewis

BP Claims Process Unfair?

BP is in the process of not only appealing the settlement agreement it voluntarily entered into, but BP is also engaging in a multi-million dollar media campaign praising their efforts in the Gulf and alleging fraud by some claimants and […]

Jon Lewis

Was 2010 a Bad Year?

Do you own a company in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi or Louisiana? Did your revenues decrease in 2010? You might have a VERY viable claim to assert in the BP settlement, and we aren't…

Jon Lewis

Want us to Evaluate your Business?

Does your business have a BP claim? We will provide a free evaluation if you provide us with the following items:

Business and Occupational Licenses or Permits for 2007-2011 (including…

Jon Lewis

Why Should We File a BP Claim?

We have spoken to many companies about filing BP claims for their portion of the settlement funds. One response we have gotten has been, We don't do any work on the Gulf, and we are not in…

Jon Lewis

Alabama Claims – BP Oil

Many are familiar with the April 20, 2010 Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill, but many don't know what has occurred since then. A settlement has been entered, and there are numerous businesses and…

Jon Lewis

9 Years of Litigation

Property damage owners received the Order from the Court yesterday. They obtained 28% of the estimated $4.4 billion in damages, i.e.: the settlement was reached for $1.2 billion. That’s how long it…

Jon Lewis

BP Oil Spill – What to do with all the Lawsuits?

Well, here we are. Lawsuits have been filed, and BP is setting up a $20 billion fund to resolve legitimate claims. Would the claimants be better off in litigation or through a claim on the new…

Jon Lewis

BP Oil Spill – It's like the Wild Wild West

Shoot first and ask questions later. Isn’t that what some of the gunslingers did? It seems like we have some new gunslingers.
Several law firms have already filed class actions and have paid Google…

Jon Lewis

BP Oil Spill – Greed is Good?

It’s amazing to read some of the stories: LA Times; Birmingham News; and The Wall Street Journal. Attorneys are gravitating to the gulf coast to get in on the action. It’s like heading to the…

Jon Lewis

BP Oil Spill – Does it always have to be a Lawsuit?

There have been numerous lawsuits already filed against BP as a result of the oil spill. That got me to thinking, Do individuals and companies think attorneys always rush to file lawsuits? The…