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Jon Lewis

Steel Coils and Truck Accidents in Alabama

The Alabama legislature has finally come together to pass a bill with respect to steel coil loads. There have been numerous incidents where large trucks have lost their steel coil rolls on state…

Jon Lewis

Trucking Regulations – Part V – Inspections, Repair, and Maintenance

Driver’s and companies are responsible for inspecting their trucks, keeping their trucks in good repair, and maintaining their trucks. Oftentimes, drivers are so busy trying to get on the road or…

Jon Lewis

Another Steel Coil

It has happened once again. Another runaway steel coil. Amazingly, no one was injured.
Yesterday, the trailer bed of an 18-wheeler collapsed, and as a result, a 46,000 pound steel coiild rolled…

Jon Lewis

Trucking Regulations – Part IV – Driving of Commercial Motor Vehicles

Section 392 of the Code of Federal Regulations governs the driving of commercial motor vehicles. It has many sections on various topics. Some of those sections include: ill or fatigued operator;…

Jon Lewis

Trucking Regulations – Part III – Controlled Substances and Alcohol Use and Testing

Obviously, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act prevents drivers from driving 18 wheel rigs while under the influence of controlled substances or alcohol. Section 382 of the Code of Federal…

Jon Lewis

Trucking Incident

In following up with our recent articles on trucking rules and regulations, we thought it would also be good to point out incidents which happen and expose violations of these rules. According to an…

Jon Lewis

Trucking Regulations – Part II – Driver Qualifications

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act also provides rules and regulations for the qualification of drivers who go to work for the various trucking companies around the country. These regulations…

Jon Lewis

Trucking Regulations – Part I – Financial Responsibility

We want to take the opportunity, as we discussed in our previous post, to educate the public about some of the regulations governing the trucking industry. These regulations are promulgated by the…

Jon Lewis

Truck Accidents

Why do attorneys enjoy pursuing truck companies? How many times have you been driving down an interstate at the speed limit and had an 18 wheeler speed by you? How many times have you been driving…