Birmingham, Alabama


Jan Boswell

Making Sense of the Medical Record – Medication Administration Abbreviations

Deciphering a medical record can be a real headache, especially handwritten records. Once you break through the handwriting code, you have to deal with the alphabet soup that is medical jargon….

Jon Lewis

Alabama the Beautiful – Eh, Maybe Not

When you cross the Alabama State Line, there is a sign which says, "Welcome to Alabama the Beautiful." It is beautiful. We have mountains, trees, lakes, and even a coastline. We have the world…

Tedford Taylor

Alabama House Bill to give Road Contractors Immunity

Members of the Alabama House of Representatives seek to introduce HB 382 which would give total civil immunity to road contractors working on state projects within the specifications of the contract. If passed, this bill would provide that a contractor performing highway, road, or street repairs, construction or maintenance is not liable for damage or injury resulting therefrom despite the…

Chrissie Cole

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Alabama Trooper

An Alabama State Trooper is due back in court regarding the shooting death of a Shelby County man.The family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the trooper who shot and killed her son in 2004. A grand jury decided in May 2005, the trooper should not face charges in his death.The Plaintiff is suing the Trooper and eight other Department of Public Safety employees, seeking a jury trail for…

Chrissie Cole

Safety Concerns Surround Ortho Evra Birth Control Patch

Dr. Joel S. Lippman, former vice president at two Johnson & Johnson alleges in a lawsuit that he was fired for seeking recalls on numerous faulty products that include the Ortho Evra birth control patch with at least 1,000 product liability suits.In Lippman’s civil complaint, he alleges he was unlawfully let go on May 15, after 15 years of employment because he repeatedly complained about…

Chrissie Cole

Missing Alabama Teen's Parents File a Wrongful Death Suit

Parents of Natalee Holloway have filed a wrongful death suit today against two brothers that were suspects in the case at one time.According to Birmingham News, a civil suit was filed by Beth Twitty and Dave Holloway that claims Deepak and Satish Kalpoe – quote “intentionally, negligently, wantonly” caused fatal injury to their daughter.The suit was filed in California Superior Court in Los…

Chrissie Cole

Owner is at Fault in Fatal Fire

A jury has determined that a fire in a Route 9 building that killed five people in February 2000 was fueled in part by unsafe conditions caused by the owner. A wrongful death lawsuit relating to the same fire was settled in October. The main cause of the deadly fire is still unknown, but lawyers for many displaced business owners convinced the jury that the owner Sidney Kriensky was aware of…