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Chinese Drywall Settlement


Pro Publica recently published an article on a settlement reached in a Georgia class action lawsuit with Lowes over alleged Chinese Drywall sold by Lowes.

I’m not involved in this case, but it is always amazing to me how people can criticize attorneys and cases without truly knowing any of the facts and circumstances. Each case is different, and you cannot rely on sound bites to decide what is right or wrong.

Also, even if these attorneys are wrong for settling this case, and I am NOT implying that they are, that does not make all attorneys are dishonest, money grubbing, bad individuals. Every industry has its good and bad apples. The medical industry, car salesmen, brokers, landscape architects, contractors, plumbers, etc. They all have good ones and bad ones, and the legal industry is no different.

Our firm has helped numerous individuals over the years, and they have been more than satisfied with our work. Could you find some who weren’t? Of course. We aren’t perfect. I think people need to really look at the system before they throw it out. Tort reform only protects huge corporate and insurance interests, and it punishes those with legitimate claims. Caps on damages don’t hurt frivolous claims. They hurt meritorious claims. Frivolous claims should be capped at zero, and there are systems in place to do that: Rule 11 Sanctions, Litigation Accountability Acts, and Judges. Those cases usually get dismissed anyway. It is only a few which make it through the system and which the U.S. Chamber of commerce

promotes in order to continue their tort reform assault, and even those few are not fully explained – see the McDonalds Coffee Case.

No one really understands what happened in that case because it was used by the Chamber to promote tort reform.

My two cents.


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