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Toyota and Trial Lawyers

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Recently, this article has circulated about trial lawyers promoting litigation against Toyota and tyring to get a windfall profit. Are lawyers pursuing Toyota Cases, or are consumers? Don’t you have to have a client who wants to pursue the case? Don’t you have to have an injury?

This isn’t some trumped up charge. This is a situation where Toyota has known about a defect since 2007 but failed to do anything about it. This is a situation where Toyota blamed the accelerator problem on the placement of floormats. Come on!

We are going to blame trial lawyers now? Are we to blame for everything? Healthcare is our fault because of malpractice? We have caused the economy to go into ruin because of the "tort tax?" Is everything the trial lawyers’ fault?

I, for one, do not think the public is this ignorant. Trial lawyers didn’t cause Enron, Worldcom, Tyco, or HealthSouth. In fact, it was the trial lawyers and their organization, the American Association for Justice, who helped recover investor and employee funds. They helped recover pension funds.

If we are going to take the blame for all of these societal issues, shouldn’t we get the credit for all of the wrongs we help right? Ask anyone who has been helped by a trial lawyer, and they will tell you what we REALLY do. Ask any Toyota owner who has been injured by this accelerator problem who they want on their side, and I’ll bet the Trial Lawyer comes to mind.

Don’t buy the PR from big corporate and insurance interests. Why do you think they want to eliminate us and enact tort reform? They aren’t worried about trial lawyers making money. They are worried about losing their own and making a few million dollars instead of a few billion dollars.

1 Comment

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  1. Mike Bryant says:
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    Very good point, I would suggest that maybe telling the truth about the problem and fixing it may go a lot further than looking for scape goats. But, they don’t want to take responsibility.