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Chris Brogan Comes to Birmingham


If you are asking, "Who is Chris Brogan?", you are a little out of the social media loop. But, that’s okay. You aren’t alone.

Chris Brogan is a social media guru who wrote the New York Times Bestseller "Trust Agents" along with Julien Smith .

Chris was invited to speak in Birmingham at the Green Building Focus Expo in Birmingham by Merrill Stewart , Founder/President of Stewart Perry Construction.

It was a great event for several reasons. One, we were able to meet and speak to several people we had met on Twitter already. This is part of what Chris spoke about – connecting. Two, the expo was very well done. And, three, we were entertained not only by Chris Brogan’s insights into marketing and social media, but also by his humor and wit (he could go on the comedy circuit).

What were some of the takeaways from the program? Well, here are some of the tweets on #BroganBham:

    • the frontier is all around us.

    • cities need to rally around positives.

    • our new frontier is SM as the phone was 100 yrs ago.

    • as shows get more popular – tivo and zip past ads. As shows get more popular, ad rates go down.

    • SM is 70% online and 30% in person

    • opportunity is everywhere – key is to listen for it – grow bigger ears.

    • SM is listening, connecting and publishing

    • 25% listening 50% connecting 25% publishing

    • Alabamians are the most polite people on earth

    • "The Referral Engine" – great book

    • publishing means mixing up your media.

    • don’t look at your network when you have a need – nurture it.

    • if you don’t spend time cultivating, you don’t get anything.

    • ask customers what they want.

    • @BHMBizAlliance: Promote other people’s stuff 12x more than your own.

    • @BHMBizAlliance: Cultivating and maintaining relationships–crucial.

    • @StaceyHood: Blog isn’t about you, it’s about what you can give someone

    • no set rules on how SM works, but test it.

Maybe these aren’t novel ideas, but they open your eyes to your business and marketing behaviors. Instead of being a "me me me" person; be a "give give give" person. It comes back in spades.

And, as part of the give, go follow these wonderful people on Twitter:



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  1. Jon Moss says:
    up arrow

    I had a great time at the conference, and salute those who made it happen. Meeting Chris B in person was fun, but just as priceless was making connections (online/offline) with #BHAM folk. My first visit to Birhminham, but definitely not the last. Special thanks to @spottedturkey and @fortweetsake

  2. Jon Lewis says:
    up arrow

    Sorry we didn’t get to meet Jon. Let me know next time you will be in the Ham.

    @spottedturkey and @fortweetsake did a Great job!


  3. Alison says:
    up arrow

    This was a great event, and an awesome post! Birmingham has a great community, and social media is bringing us together faster and allowing us the opportunity to meet awesome new, creative people everyday. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jon Lewis says:
    up arrow

    You are too kind and so right.


  5. Todd Sims says:
    up arrow

    Wish I would have made the list! @toddbob3. Thanks to everyone who came out and made this a truly special event.

  6. Jon Lewis says:
    up arrow

    I’m sorry Todd. If I miss any, I’m adding them as we go. You’re now down.


  7. up arrow

    Great post Jon. I wish I could have been there but I had work obligations I couldn’t ignore. I know that Chris provides a lot of fun with his wisdom. See you at the next Tweetup!

  8. up arrow

    You’re so wonderful for this. Thank you. : )

  9. Jon Lewis says:
    up arrow

    You are too kind Chris!! Loved the meeting and your blog. Can’t wait to read the next one.