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Stuart McAtee
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I think I'm Disabled, Now What?

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For many workers who have disabling conditions, beginning the application process can be overwhelming. Don’t let fear prevent you from applying for Social Security benefits. Anything to do with the government can be perceived as an endless maze of paperwork, however, such is not the case when applying for SSD benefits. Being approved is a different story, and the wait can be painstaking, but the actual application process is rather easy. In fact, there is something called a "Disability Starter Kit" available on the Social Security Administration website. see it here: www.ssa.gov/disability/disability_starter_kits.htm

If you think you are disabled, click on the link and check out the Fact Sheet, Checklist, and Worksheet to get started. Make sure you keep copies of all of the information you put on these documents. If you do get turned down for SSD benefits, give us a call as soon as practical, we will do our best to help you.