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Stuart McAtee
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I'm Receiving Social Security Benefits but It's Still Not Enough

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Most disabled Americans do not have the ability to maintain their same standard of living they lived in prior to becoming disabled. This is due to lack of income, never ending medical bills, and prescription costs. A valid question often asked is if a person receives SSI(Supplemental Security Income), can they qualify for other types of assistance? The answer is probably yes. In most states, SSI recipients also get Meidcaid. While most people are familiar with Medicaid, not everyone understands if they qualify or not, therefore, if you are not receiving it, you should contact your local medical assistance office to find out whether you qualify. Help with household items such as food stamps for food may also be available to SSI recipients. Moreover, you should check with your state, city, or county to determine other programs which may give you assistance. Check on line to determine what you may qualify for at socialsecurity.gov/pubs/10100.html