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More Government Isn't Always a Bad Thing

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According to a story in Federaltimes.com, the executive branch will grow to more than 2 million civilian employees for the first time in 15 years, under President Barack Obama’s 2010 budget plan. Now I understand a good portion of people believe more government may not be a good idea, but when Social Security Disability claims are backed up because of overworked SSA employees and ALJs, more employees may be a good thing. The story goes on to say the Social Security Administration’s workforce will grow by about 3,200 to help it handle an expected increase in retirement and disability claims as the baby boomer generation ages and as the economic downturn drives more people to pursue government benefits. Read story here: http://federaltimes.com/index.php?S=4092607

“The administration came in saying they saw government as a vehicle to provide needed services to the public,” said John Palguta, vice president of policy at the Partnership for Public Service. “Not just benefits, but making sure we have the national security we need, and making sure we can deal with the economic crisis. But to do that, we have to invest in the federal workforce.”

If more SSA employees will decrease the wait time for disabled workers to received the benefits they deserve, then I’m all for it.