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More Mortgage Mess

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Well, today, AIG has filed suit against Bank of America for $10 billion. Yes, $10 billion – with a "B". What is AIG suing for? A "Massive Fraud" on mortgage debt. You can read the story here. According to the article, AIG is going to file suit against other financial institutions as well.

Isn’t it interesting? When it comes to their claims and allegations, AIG wants to go to court. No arbitration here. When it comes to their claims of fraud, they certainly aren’t frivolous.

There is such a double standard in this country, and people need to wake up and see the light. Why is an individual who is physically injured or defrauded considered to be abusing the system by bringing a lawsuit, but the same does not hold true for a corporation alleging fraud. Do we really think corporations are so much more honest than indivdiuals? Have we not learned anything over the last ten years?

The fact of the matter is, we need "regular" people on juries to decide these issues. These "regular" people are the ONLY ones who are not bound by special interests and lobbyists. Think about that the next time you vote for a politician in favor of damage caps or arbitration.