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No job, sue your school

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A recent college graduate is suing her alma mater for $72,000.00 because she cannot find a job. I will be the first to admit that there are two sides to every story. (It gets tiring hearing people who know nothing about the McDonald’s burn case scream “spill some coffee, get a trillion dollars”. If you really, really want to know what happened in that case, read about it. No, wait; don’t read about it because if you do then you will have to stop talking out of your back side. NEVER, EVER, EVER let the true facts get in the way of what you want to believe or what agenda you want to push. I heard two bozos spend an hour on a supposed sports radio show the other day blathering on and on about the McDonald’s coffee burn case and other such “frivolous” lawsuits. I could not change the station. I was stuck in a place where the radio was on and could not escape. I was forced to endure the endless amount of callers that added their spins, opinions and even a few new “facts” they heard from reliable sources to the cases discussed. By the end of the hour these new "facts", regardless of how inaccurate they were, became incorporated into the various and sundry lawsuits. As a result, each and every lawsuit discussed was the greatest sham since the claim that the ticket split for the Iron Bowl at Legion Field was 50/50. But I digress…)

As stated, I am sure that this graduate (thought she) (ostensibly) had reasons for filing suit: she had a solid 2.7 GPA (“not showing off…not lagging behind”) and an impeccable attendance record. However, the last time I checked it is pretty tough out there and jobs aren’t exactly falling off trees for anybody, much less a recent college graduate with little or no work experience. I am not a guidance counselor but I have to think you do not enhance your career chances by sending off the “I’m a loose cannon” flare.

The complaint also bemoans the fact that the students with a 4.0 GPA received more assistance in finding a job. Maybe. But maybe, and hang with me on this, just maybe the students with the best grades get the first crack at job openings, med schools, law schools, grad schools, etc. They put in the time, they get first shot. That does not mean that those students will be more talented, more productive, more successful, etc., but it does mean that all things being equal: initially a 4.0 is going to be picked over a 2.7 for, well, everything. It happens. Trust me, as a member of the low two point nothing GPA club, I know. Further, claiming credit for doing something that you are either required to do or should do (go to class) ain’t exactly like discovering insulin.

Here is a hint: instead of wasting your time and energy with this lawsuit use that effort to look for a job.