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Social Security Disability: It's Not Just Physical

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When most people think of a disability, they think of a physical disability which disallows a person from working, thus perhaps qualifying for Social Security benefits through the Social Security Administration(SSA). However, a recent Forbes.com article cites research that notes about 27 percent of people receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are mentally ill. read article: http://www.forbes.com/feeds/hscout/2009/05/05/hscout626791.html

Even more amazing, in a special edition of the May/June issue of Health Affairs focusing on mental health care in the United States, one study found that about HALF of Americans suffering from mental illness in a given year don’t receive treatment, and another 25 percent receive treatment that’s not consistent with evidence-based guidelines. It is tragic to think Americans with mental illnesses are not properly diagnosed and treated. Moreover, it’s logical to think a good portion of those Americans not treated may qualify for SSD benefits if they apply. If you have a loved one who may qualify for SSD benefits because of a mental disability, please help them apply immediately. If you, or a loved one, have been turned down for benefits, please contact our law firm as soon as practical. We may be able to get you the benefits you deserve.