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Social Security Quick Disability Determination Process- It's A Good Thing

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As I have written in previous blogs, the SSD approval process can be a lengthy ordeal. What if you have medical condition that can cause severe disability, or even death, within a short period of time?

Patients diagnosed with certain blood cancers are now eligible for the Social Security Quick Disability Determination process, ensuring a decision on their cases within just six to eight days. The "Compassionate Allowance Initiative" currently lists 25 rare diseases and 25 cancers, representing some of the most severe known medical conditions. Read Initiative: www.socialsecurity.gov/compassionateallowances/

The initiative was created in response to the devastating delays that applicants with rare diseases have experienced in the past. As those making disability determinations are not always familiar with rare diseases, these applicants have often been denied and forced to endure lengthy and costly appeals in the past in order to gain assistance. The Compassionate Allowance Initiative allows the Social Security Administration to quickly target the most obviously disabled individuals based on objective medical information they can quickly obtain. For more information: www.examiner.com/x-15792-Blood-Cancers-Examiner~y2009m7d1-Patients-with-certain-blood-cancers-eligible-for-Quick-Disability-Determination

1 Comment

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  1. zoe says:
    up arrow

    It’s about time someone has compassion for the seriously ill and disabled.

    Now, how about implementing the same quick decisions for veterans with seriously disabling conditions?