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Using Technology To Make Your Point About Your Disability

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When life seems to treat you bad, why not turn to technology to possibly help your cause? That’s exactly what Gayle Debilbiss did when she, along with the help of a friend, posted a YouTube video as a last ditch effort to President Obama for assistance. At 54-years-old, she’s too young for Social Security and according to the government she’s not disabled enough for disability. read story: www.kvoa.com/Global/story.asp

Debilbiss has a number of ailments but in January was diagnosed with stage three and four non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Hearing the words, "You have cancer" was the first nightmare.

"It’s unbelievable to hear those words directed at you," Debilbiss said.

She was sick long before that though. The cancer had been misdiagnosed several years ago.

She wasn’t able to work any longer so she applied for Social Security Disability and was denied. Then appealed it after the cancer diagnosis and was denied again.

"You take chemotherapy and it makes you sick and they think you can just bounce back and go back to work," Debilbiss said.

She says she’s been in remission for the last two months but she’s still in pain, constantly feels fatigued and most days she has to be on oxygen.

They’re conditions she says would make it nearly impossible to hold down a job.

She says trying to prove that to the government has been the other nightmare.

"What about his American citizen who’s worked hard all of her life?" she asked.

A plea she’s taken to the web, hoping the president will hear.

A spokesperson with the Social Security Administration says they will re-review Debilbiss’ case to make sure everything was done right. For those of us fighting for the rights of disabled Americans, let’s hope she wins.