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Why Try the Social Security Case When It Can Be Approved On The Record?

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Recently, we had the privilege of representing a 16 year old boy in his SSI claim which had been denied in its original application. Our client was diagnosed with Retinoschisis(among other things) which is an eye disorder. Once we received the medical documents, we requested certain information from the treating physician about our client’s condition. By doing so, we can communicate to the Court that our client should be approved without a hearing. What? Can a SSD/SSI claim actually be approved on the record without the necessity of a hearing? Absolutely.

While being approved on the record does not occur all the time, it can happen with the right documents and narrative reports from the right people. We were very pleased to have our client approved on the record, and our client was very pleased he will receive the benefits he deserves. Moreover, there will be less of a delay in starting his benefits.

1 Comment

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  1. Jon Lewis says:
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    Congratulations!! Great for our client!! They were lucky to have you and Melissa.