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Trucking Regulations – Part II – Driver Qualifications

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act also provides rules and regulations for the qualification of drivers who go to work for the various trucking companies around the country. These regulations provide various criteria for the qualification of drivers. For instance, some of the areas the Act regulates are: (1) background and character of drivers; (2) tests for drivers; (3) physical examinations of drivers; and (4) files and records on drivers. All of these areas must be investigated when an accident occurs so that not only will the driver who may have caused an accident be held responsible, but if his company violated some of these rules, the company might need to be held responsible for the accident as well.

Drivers of commercial motor vehicles must be 21 years of age and speak the English language. Additionally, such drivers must be qualified to safely operate the type of commercial motor vehicle he drives, and he must be physically able to drive the motor vehicle. Drivers must have a valid commercial motor vehicle license and must have successfully completed a driver’s road test. Finally, drivers must know the proper procedures for securing cargo, and she must be able to determine whether the cargo has been properly located, distributed, and secured.

Invariably, accidents are going to happen which involve trucks and commercial motor vehicles. When they do, obtaining the information regarding driver qualifications is extremely important. Maybe the driver should never have been on the road to begin with. Maybe the company should have discovered certain facts which would have led to the suspension of the driver. These rules are in place for a reason, and if companies and drivers don’t follow them, they should be held accountable.