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Autonomous Cars – Tesla, Google and State Farm?

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It’s coming.  The self-driving car.  It’s hard to believe, but the numbers are growing.  Here is a Business Insider report which shows that there will be Ten Million self-driving cars on the roads in four years.  FOUR YEARS!!!!

What is this going to mean?  It is a game changer in many industries.  Clearly, the legal profession along with many of the car wreck advertising attorneys are going to see a decrease in clients who are injured in car wrecks.  It is expected that the mandatory auto braking systems due by 2022 will reduce car accidents by twenty percent (20%) according to an NBC report.

So, who else will that affect?  That’s right.  Insurance companies.  And don’t think they aren’t noticing.  State Farm is already advertising its other services:

The insurance companies are ahead of the game.  They know that fewer wrecks mean lower premiums and lower revenues.  So, they are ramping up their other revenue streams way ahead of the game.  Bloomberg wrote an article about it a year ago, and you can read it here.

Technology continues to create havoc among various industries, and insurance is no different.