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Ford Motor Company Misstates Fuel Mileage


Here we go again.  Another large corporation makes a “mistake”.  Ford Motor Company “misstates” its fuel mileage and gets a slap on the wrist.  Here is the article.

Instead of “misstates” or “voluntarily owned up to the ERROR”, what about “lied”, “defrauded” or “misrepresented”?

No one thinks about these issues, but here is Ford agreeing to provide compensation of $125 to $1250 per vehicle.  Is that enough?  What if you made a decision about what car to purchase based upon the mileage, and in light of the mileage misrepresentation by Ford, you chose the Ford Fiesta Hybrid over some other vehicle?  Should you simply receive some cash, or should you get your money back so you can buy the car you would have bought had the mileage been advertised correctly?

I contend that you should get all your money back, and Ford should take back the car.  Ford deprived you of making a choice, and NOW, Ford pays you some money back, and you are stuck with a car you wouldn’t have purchased.

What do you think?


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  1. Larry Schumacher says:
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    You sound like an extreame lib.so with your thinking obama should pay out of his pocket for aditional health care cost of everyone affected as well as all the devalued dollars he has cost people.Should I go on?

  2. Jon Lewis says:
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    Thank you for your comment, but I have no idea how you extrapolate that I am an “extreme” liberal from this article. In fact, I am an attorney who likes to believe justice still exists. If they made this representation, anyone who bought a car based upon this representation should be able to get their money back. Comparing a private corporation which makes a profit on each car it sells to our President or any governmental function makes absolutely no sense, but yes, please go on.