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Actual Questions – New Series

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We get questions all of the time from various individuals with legal questions. These questions come into our office in various ways. Sometimes people call us. Sometimes they e-mail us. Sometimes they come into the office. And, sometimes we receive them through sites such as AVVO, Lawyers.com, and LawGuru.

Here is one we received through LawGuru:

  • Does disability checks stop@ mmi when employer does not allow to return to work because of permanant restictions

Answer: Yes. Once the injured employee is deemed MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement) by the authorized treating physician, the insurance carrier/employer will cut off the TTD (Temporary Total Disability). This is a major problem with Alabama’s workers compensation laws. They know that they can cut off your income and put pressure on you to settle your case. If you haven’t filed suit and cannot work, how do you live?

We have had clients lose their houses in such situations because they don’t offer a fair settlement, and yet, the client cannot work, or at least, cannot go back to work for the same employer, and in this economy, where are they going to get a job, especially with a pending workers compensation claim?

Alabama’s workers compensation laws are antiquated, and they need to be reviewed and revised. The system needs to be fair to both sides, and right now, it is totally skewed toward the employer.