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"Fellas, this is the All-Star Game! It’s not jury duty!"

That was Willie Mays‘ quote from an article in the Wall Street Journal. This is an indication of what is wrong in society.

Willie Mays made this statement in response to several players who chose not to participate in Major League baseball‘s mid-season time out – the All Star Game. Mays participated in 24 All Star games, and he couldn’t fathom how a player could refuse to play, or even appear, at the game.

Now, I agree with Mr. Mays on the baseball issue. But, I disagree with even attempting to compare this to jury duty. Jury duty is a Constitutional duty required by law. It is the system of our judiciary, and it is what makes this country much different than any other country in the world. In fact, if we aren’t fighting for our country, two of the next most important things for us to do as citizens are voting and serving jury duty. Those are some of the freedoms our soldiers fight for.

The All Star game is just what it says. It’s a GAME. When we start comparing games to war, jury duty, tragic events, etc., we cheapen those important things in life.

Perspective is what we need. I don’t mind Mr. Mays making this statement because I understand what he meant. However, the more these types of quotes are given, the more people start believing them.

If you talk to athletes, they try to have a positive attitude in whatever they do. If they are up to bat, they think they will hit the home run. In football, score the winning touchdown. Basketball, the winning shot.

We should have this same attitude with jury duty. If you go into it with a positive attitude, maybe you, and the rest of society, will get something out of it. If you go into it thinking it is going to be boring and a waste of time, it will be. Change your position on it, and maybe we can change the thought process one step at a time.

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