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Recently, we had the pleasure of representing a disabled client who, among other things, was HIV positive. He has suffered for years with chronic fatigue, insomnia, weightloss, anxiety, depression, and he was severely impaired in his ability to earn a living because of these issues. His health issues were intertwined with his HIV status. His treating physician(s) indicated in writing he could not work more than two hours a day, could not lift over five(5) pounds, and suffered from chronic fatigue.

The SSD regulations are a moving target so as an attorney, one must always keep up to date on developing issues with the law. In proving our case, we focused on the medical disability instead of the vocational disability, therefore, using his HIV status under the regulations, along with his sworn testimony about his medical status(with the doctor’s report), we were able to have him approved by the Administrative Law Judge to begin receiving his benefits.

I point this out because the law is everchanging. Disabled Americans can show the SSA their disabilities affect their lives in many different ways. Perhaps a new regulation may benefit our client, therefore, it’s imperative to pursue all available remedies for each and every client.

If you feel you are disabled, maybe we can help you too.

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