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Other than Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Florida, Oregon, TCU and Boise State, who might benefit if Cam Newton is suspended? Cam Newton. Why? As a football player, Cam Newton’s stock is about as high as it can get, and the worst thing that could happen to Cam Newton is a severe injury.

If Cam Newton doesn’t play the rest of the season, he will still be drafted in the NFL. His reputation may be tarnished, but that would be better than having a career ending injury. While the risk might be low, it can happen.

Remember Alabama’s Tyrone Prothro? He would have made millions. When he was injured in the Florida game, his career was ruined.

I’m not suggesting this is the best course of action for Cam Newton, but it is something to think about. He doesn’t get paid for the risk he takes, but Auburn, the SEC and the NCAA reap the rewards of his risk.


  1. Gravatar for weaglefan

    Seriously the most ridiculous idea I've heard to date.. To suggest to a player, a very talented player at that, to not play just to avoid injury is ludicrous. How is life worth living if we are worrying about getting hurt every time we take an adventure. He could get hurt now, he could get hurt in his first game in the NFL.. to suggest not playing to "save" yourself for later is absolutely ignorant.

  2. Gravatar for Jon Lewis

    Thank you for your comment Weaglefan. I am by no means suggesting that Cam Newton should voluntarily stop playing football. That would be crazy! I am suggesting that it might not be the worst thing in the world for Cam and his career.

    Every time he steps on that field, he risks his career no matter how remote that might be. Ask the recent Rutgers player who was paralyzed. Cam has a lot to lose career-wise if he suffers a career-ending injury.

    Let's face it. You want him to play because you want Auburn to win. I want Cam Newton to play also because I like to watch him. But, if the NCAA, SEC, or Auburn suspend him, I'm suggesting that it might be a blessing in disguise. If he were to suffer a career-ending injury in one of these final games, I would suggest to you that he would have wished he had been suspended.

  3. Gravatar for Weaglefan

    I see the "what if" scenario you're presenting here. But really not playing by suspension or career ending injury... Neither are life ending.

  4. Gravatar for JaxTiger

    Well, that is certainly a unique point of view. At first I was somewhat offended that anyone would make such a suggestion and question if they had watched any of the actual coverage of Auburn this year. Their motto for the season is “play each down like it’s your last.” However, after the past week, even though you are suggesting that a young man be suspended over allegations that neither NCAA nor SEC have stepped in and said he is ineligible and cannot play, at least this is not another direct smut attack. I have said all along that this has been a ratings campaign by ESPN and the NYP. The timing is questionable and obvious. Whether he is guilty or not, at the core of the whole story is a kid who messed up and for all accounts has been trying to get his life together and unlike the old days when football was the tool to help troubled youth get their life straight, it has become a money making machine for the schools and media. How sad.

  5. Gravatar for Jon Lewis

    Weaglefan, agreed. It is not life threatening. None of this is. We place way too much emphasis on entertainment in this country, and it has gotten to the point of sickening. I acknowledge that I'm part of the problem - I love watching sports and movies as much as anyone.

    It is unfortunate that our society is more about money and entertainment rather than constructive endeavors such as teaching, medicine, and innovation (although, I acknowledge we are a very innovative country when it comes to technology). We are also lazy. 30 years ago, you had to get off the couch to change the TV channel from your 4 choices. Now you can remotely change hundreds of channels.

    But, I digress. My point being that we really don't care about Cam, his family, and education. We want him on the football field to help our favorite team win. When he's gone, he's gone, and we will take advantage of the next athlete.

  6. Gravatar for Jon Lewis

    JaxTiger, thanks for the comment. I am not suggesting that he be suspended at all. I'm just saying that it might not be the worst thing for him. What if he lays an egg in the last two games? His stock will go down. I'm not saying he will. In fact, it is HIGHLY unlikely that he will be injured or lay an egg. I'm just posing the question.

    The whole system is sad and hypocritical.

  7. Gravatar for Weaglefan

    agreed!! I was just telling my husband the other day it almost makes me not want my son to play college football. If your great your attacked; if your great you are loved for your accomplishments but once you're gone from the college football scene you most assuredly will be forgotten! It's a vicious arena in the game of college football.

    I do care about Cam! I hope and pray he most of all has a long lasting Christ centered life. But I also hope he gets to enjoy his obvious God given talent for many years to come.

  8. Gravatar for Jon Lewis

    Unfortunately, I think you are the exception, not the rule. I hope he has made a turn around and all this is just a smear attempt.

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