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Sometimes, if not most times, political affiliations should be left at the door when it comes to formulating policy for the greater good. Most politicians would as soon eat a hog snout souse pie as opposed to actually admitting that someone from another party actually may have a good idea or an idea needs to be implemented at a particular time. The annoying hand wringing from either side is predictable and if it were not so maddening, laughable.

Bum Phillips, the retired Houston Oilers and New Orleans Saints coach, once said of Paul Bryant “he can take his and beat yours and then he can take yours and beat his.” In a negative way this sums up most politicians: if plan “A” originated with their party they are for it, regardless. If it did not, let the predictable pablum begin: plan “A” is a potential disaster and plan “B” is the clear and obvious choice (regardless of how good plan “A” really is). Listening to all that garbage is tiring.

I expect unsubstantiated, absurd, knee jerk reaction positions from hot air wind bags like Nancy Grace. Each of us should demand better from people we elect to office.

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