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A few ramblings and musings that in no way are related or connected.

I apologize in advance for the local and regional references and for throwing out these most random thoughts.

If you have a dog, coyote, pig, or any other animal please observe all local leash laws and ordinances. I know that “Killer” or “Bone Crusher” is “harmless” and “just wants to play” but the hordes of screaming running masses (not unlike when aliens attack in a bad sci-fi film) should be a clue that your charging, frothing at the mouth pit bull is not as cute and friendly as you think.

If you are against what you deem as “lawsuit abuse” try sitting still at a red light and get slammed by a drunk driver going 75 miles per hour. Tell me how you feel about “lawsuit abuse” after you go through the entire claim process. Better yet, try to make a claim on any type of property after a hurricane. Sit back and watch every insurance company involved try to loop hole a way out of covering the claim or, if coverage is inevitable, hold on tight and let the dog and pony show commence. Ask the Katrina homeowners if there is such a thing as “lawsuit abuse”. “Here Mrs. Jones, take this nice $30,000.00 check for the house that will cost $200,000.00 to rebuild. Hey, we are your good neighbor and we are there. Make sure you get one of our complimentary calendars, as you leave.”

If you are from Atlanta or one of the surrounding counties and drive anywhere outside of that area, then could you pull back a little bit and slow down to traveling only 30 miles per hour over the posted speed limit? Speed kills and it is inconsiderate to all other drivers.

If you insist on speaking on your cell phone while exercising in a gym, then the first words coming out of your mouth should be something to the effect of “clamp the aorta, I am on my way”, otherwise, spare us and talk later, just not while you are driving.

If you are going to drive then please be sure that you have uninsured / underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage. This coverage protects and insures you against all the other drivers, including those Atlanta drivers referenced earlier. Saving $100.00 per year by declining to purchase the UM/UIM coverage is not being savvy or smart; it is actually quite irresponsible to yourself and your passengers.

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