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Are trial lawyers really greedy, money grubbing individuals? Some maybe, but most are productive citizens who are small business owners contributing to their communities. Check out the lawyers on See what we do.

The attorneys on this site have not only spent their own time and money helping injured individuals, but they have also made products safer and forced companies to pay closer attention to their policies and procedures so that others do not suffer the same fate as their client. These attorneys have helped educate the public on serious issues such as texting while driving, Healthcare reform, major recalls, and how to help victims of various natural incidents.

We are also fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, church and synagogue members, PTA members, little league coaches, and friends. We are not the evil members of society attempting to extract money from various small businesses. Most of us are trying to help recover compensation for legitimate wrongdoing – see Enron, Worldcom, and Healthsouth cases as well as the family who has lost their husband/father because some truck driver was drunk or overworked and ran a red light crushing his vehicle and him along with it.

Every industry has its bad apples, and the legal industry is no different. In fact, there are defense attorneys who would rather drag a legitimate case out in order to bill by the hour and make a larger fee instead of settling a case quickly for his client when he knows his client is liable (we call that reverse ambulance chasing). What about the stock broker who churns a client’s account, or the used car salesman who sells a car he knows was flooded in Hurrican Katrina.

The point is that most trial lawyers are trying to do good and right by their clients and society. Next time you hear someone criticize an industry without the facts, call them on it. Ask questions. Don’t take one soundbite as the ultimate truth.

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  1. All very good points. The whole small business aspect of so many of us, seems totally lost on the "Tort Reform" business interests.

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