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In April, the Birmingham News reported that the number of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) cases continue to climb at thet Birmingham VA Medical Center.  It is amazing how the news media and physicians give total credibility to this diagnosis when it comes to veterans.  However, when it comes to car accidents and other traumatic events, many insurance companies, defense attorneys, doctors, and juries believe the injured individual is faking when they claim symptoms of post traumatic stress.

Obviously, PTSD is a legitimate medical concern.  When clients have symptoms of PTSD, they need to be taken seriously.  A car or truck accident can be very traumatic.  It can make individuals frightened to get into a car again or get on the highways.  The accident can bring out other psychosomatic problems which were not present before the accident.

If PTSD can be legitimate for war veterans, it can be legitimate for accident victims as well.  As attorneys, it is our job to make sure the jury understands the diagnosis and how it has affected the victim.

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