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So, some people say the jury system doesn’t work.  Some people say Alabama is tort hell.  Who are these people, and do they read the Alabama Jury Verdict Reporter like we do?

The most recent issue of the Alabama Jury verdict Reporter was just released.  This is the August, 2014 issue.  There were six (6) car accident jury verdicts.  The results?  5 defense verdicts, 3 of which were rear-end collisions.  The 6th involved a wreck where the plaintiff had $55,000 of medical bills, and the verdict was $100,000.  However, for some reason, the judgment was never entered, and the Judge dismissed the claims three weeks later.

That is tort hell.  Tort hell for those who were in the wrecks, injured and not compensated.  But, it’s not tort hell for the insurance companies who didn’t have to pay out a dime.

Who wins?  The insurance companies.  The victim doesn’t get paid, and the person in the other vehicle is forced to spend their time in court by their own insurance company.

In addition, there were three medical malpractice cases reported.  The results?  One hung jury and two defense verdicts.

Sounds like out of control juries to me.


  1. Gravatar for Bob

    Sounds like cases that should have settled did. Probably more like greedy plaintiffs that did not accept the offers that were made resulted in adverse verdicts.

  2. Gravatar for Jon Lewis

    Thank you for your comment Bob. How do you determine that they were "greedy plaintiffs"? My take away: People are settling for less pre-suit because jurors have bought into tort reform and are rendering verdicts such as those listed above as a result of jurors now looking at the person being sued as the victim, not the person who is injured in the wreck because another person cannot pay attention on the roadways.

  3. Gravatar for Ashley Bullen

    Bob, did you know the injured parties? Are they really greedy or were they hurt and needed help? Just curious.

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