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Dogs that are allowed to run wild often pose dangers to motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. Many municipalities in Alabama have leash laws which basically define a dog as "vicious" if its out of its yard or off a leash. An owner, or a person who exercises control of the dog, is responsible for whatever harm the dog may cause.

Why is this law? Why should dogs not be allowed to roam freely? Simple – because it’s not safe for the public. Forgetting for a moment dogs that are (at least in the eyes of the law) considered "inherently vicious," like Dobermans and Pit bulls etc., any dog that comes charging out into the road in front of a motorist or cyclist poses serious dangers. While this is especially true as regards cyclist, who can be very seriously injured if they are thrown from their bike, it also is true for motorists, who often instinctively swerve to avoid a dog. Obviously, this sudden swerving can lead to the motorist losing control of her vehicle and crashing, hitting another car or worse yet, hitting a pedestrian.

Given the technology available with invisible fences, its frankly irresponsible for dog owners to allow their dogs to put other people, who are doing absolutely nothing other than using the public roadways for their intended purpose, in danger. I presently am representing a cyclist who already has had 3 surgeries, and will need another, after she crashed when a dog chased her and got tangled up in her wheel. Incidents like this could be avoided if people would simply take some responsibility for their pets.

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