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Do you follow the Rules of the Road?  Did you even know that Alabama has a code section (Section 32-5A-1) governing the rules of the road?  Remember that little book (Driver Manual) you had to study before obtaining your learner’s permit?  Most people forget about these rules immediately following their driver’s license exam.  Unfortunately, that occurs when you are sixteen (16).

On Saturday, the Birmingham News reported some of the results (here are the complete results) from the GMAC Insurance national driving test (click on this to take the test). According to the Birmingham News, sixteen percent (16%) or thirty-three million licensed drivers in the U.S. should not be behind the wheel.  Alabama’s rank was fifteenth (15th) which was much better than the State’s 2007 result (25th). 

When we hear all of the tort reform pundits, they seem to disregard these types of issues.  Driving can be dangerous, and when someone does not know the rules of the road (and apparently, there are many of these someones), they can cause accidents and injuries.  Not knowing these rules and violating them are negligent, and possibly wanton, actions.  When someone does not know these rules, understand these rules, and abide by these rules, they should compensate the other party for their injuries when the person’s negligence and/or wantonness caused the injuries.  Tort reform rewards this ignorance of the rules of the road.  Maybe the pundits should think about this.

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