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Well, in our first case, we finally obained all of the medical information for our clients. They have finished with their medical treatment. What do we do now? Well, we write a letter to the insurance adjuster setting forth the facts of the collision along with our position and a "demand" for settlement. Everyone calls this a "demand" when it really should be a "request." Until we are talking to a jury, we really can’t demand anything.

So, we put together this letter with all of the medical information and wreck report. This is called a "package", and we sent the "package" to the adjuster. The adjuster has responded with a settlement offer which is not satisfactory to our clients, and we do not recommend it either. We have responded with a second "demand," and we are waiting to hear back from the adjuster.

If things go well, the case will resolve for an amount which will be satisfactory for our clients and one that we recommend. If not, we will have to file the lawsuit and go from there.

In our other case, the three defendants have received our complaint, and we have heard from all three. The attorney for the local dealership has called and asked what our client is looking for (a car that works as promised is the answer). The out of town dealership has not hired an attorney yet and wants to know why they’ve been sued. And, the attorney for the manufacturer has e-mailed me to let me know he’s involved (we have another case against each other).

Once again, this is a case our client would settle for a reasonable amount, but the defendants always seem to want to pay their attorneys more than try to resolve a case amicably and build customer loyalty. It’s amazing how little that matters to some of these companies, but with social networks now, these companies better be careful. Word can spread quickly over the internet.

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