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We are often asked by clients or potential clients what their case is worth. How do we answer that question? Here is a recent question submitted online publicly, and here is my answer.

QUESTION: I was involved in a car accident last June 09 . I was sitting at a red light and was hit from behind. I went to the ER . And followed up the a doctor in July because my right arm and hand was swollen she gave some pain killers. I went back in August my right arm and hand was still swollen she sent me to get xrays and then referred me to a back speacialist he sent me for weeks of physical therapy and a MRI the MRI showed I had a buldged disc at c4c5 and a ruputred disc at c5c6 with degengerative diease. Physical Therapy also said I had cervical dysfunction at c0thruc3. What amount of settlement should I expect.

ANSWER: Based upon the facts you have given, it is impossible to assess your damages. What else would need to be known? Damage to vehicles, location of collision, doctor’s opinions, permanence of injury, your age, whether you have health insurance, whether the defendant has auto insurance and the amount, and whether you have coverage on your auto(s) and the amounts, among other things. If you would like to e-mail me your information regarding all of this, I could give you a better idea of what I think the value could be. However, only two groups of people can really give you the actual value of the case: the adjuster(s) who write the check or the jury who decides your case. Any other value is based upon education in this field and knowing what other juries have done in the venue where you are. My e-mail is

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